Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tournaments are on the way to North Down

So it's been decided that the North Down Gamers Hub, is finally going to throw its hat into the tournament scene, although dates are a bit sketchy at the minute it's looking to get the local 40K and warhammer player base in and around the bangor area, to get involved what ever your level is from the hard-core elite to the very beginner. We would like to attract everyone past present and future, which in turn will hopefully make this scene in are little part of the world, Get that little bit stronger so we are hoping that the community will get behind it and give it the much-needed support it needs to get off the ground. 

We have a firm idea of what we want to try and bring to the table in regards to what can be done, which will make ours a little bit different. You only have to look at some of the tournaments locally that are happening in the North to get much-needed inspiration. So like everything it has to start somewhere so it's up to everyone to support and get involved.

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