Sunday, 9 October 2011

Welcome to the North Down Gamer's Hub blog!

Hello all thanks for taking the time to look at our new blog! 

What you can expect...

It's a long time coming and  a few of us have finally decided to form ourselves officially into the NDGH with one goal in mind to take or hobby to the next level.

Well quite simply it's the working heart beat of our gaming group in and around the Bangor area, which in turn will highlight and showcase all the going on's and happenings with North Down, and hopefully we can attract more new members which in turn will eventually lead to us establish in our own club day or night at some stage in the near future.

But like anything it has to start somewhere so the journey begins, so welcome on board.

We also have a small group of established 40k and Warhammer tournament players which in turn will be posting their results from events that they take part in both on the local and national level.

Welcome along one and all. and make sure you do your part and play a part after all it is open to everyone.

So hopefully in time we can establish a thriving gaming scene for all to take part in.

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