Saturday, 12 May 2012

Open War 3rd N.D.G.H 1 day 40k 1850/WFB 2400 Tournament 10.06.12

On Sunday the 10th June in Bangor Co. Down, both bolters and bows will open fire. Chain swords and chain mail will be required as we open the doors to both intergalactic exchanges and Old World warfare.

In one day, in one venue the north down gamers hub will host both a three round 1850pt 40k tournament and a three round 2400pt Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament. So having taking on board a lot of feedback from the last one were looking to do it all over again.

  • Bullet Points:
  • Tournament Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis, so get them while you can.
  • In the interest of confirming numbers, we would appreciate pre-booking. 
  • Everyone is welcome and if you wish to discuss space for open play please contact us on 07887952294.
  • We welcome anyone willing to come along and play any game system and are happy to accommodate extra one off games completely free of charge. so come down on the day and say hello over your favourite game  as it won't cost you a penny to get in.
  • Rules packs and further info will be posted asap on and across the forums.

Closing date for list submission 6th June 2012

Tournament will be held at: Borough Gymnasium
39 Hamilton Road BT20 4LF , Bangor, United Kingdom

9am til 9pm (Twelve hours of non-stop, table top action)- on Sunday 10th june 

£5.00 early bird, £7.50 normally and £10.00 on the day- entry to both 40k and Warhammer events and completely free of charge for everyone else

10+ tickets available for warhammer, 24+ tickets available for 40k.

Any extra tickets required we will buy extra boards to accommodate, provided we have a weeks notice. for further information contact us on 07887952294

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